Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's finally started to click!

Mason is finally starting to show an interest in LEARNING!! Haha, that boy is just all about having a good time. As he should be, however there are things he needs to start learning if we are going to start Kindergarten in the fall! Just in the last few months he has learned most of his letters and sounds and just about has his name down pat. Yes, just now...but we are so glad that he decided to do it on his own before we were going to have to MAKE him sit down and practice. I was giving him time because I know that it is much easier to do it when they are ready but I did not want him going to K and being "that kid". Since he has shown an interest I took full advantage and we have tackled the alphabet and his name. Next up...sight words! We WILL be ready for Kindergarten next year!
This post was prompted by my parent/teacher conference to discuss Mason's progress report for mid-year. I am so proud of him, seeing how far he has come since September is amazing. He has grown up so much! His work was like night and day. His teacher was so proud of his growth and is looking forward to seeing how  much more he will gain between now and May. She had the sweetest things to say about him and it really made me so proud to be his mom.

Some comments made by Mrs. Baylor:
"I love his smile, he just lights up the room, and makes my days brighter."
"He is such a happy kid"
"He is a good friend, he is never mean to anyone and plays well with everyone." (This is a little surprising lol )
"He loves to build, blocks is his favorite center."
"He has never really cared about doing "work" until now and he has just taken off!"

We appreciate Mrs. Baylor and her hard work! And we are so proud of you Mason! Keep working hard!! We love you so much!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grab your skates!!

This year Braxton wanted a skating party. So that is what we did. He loves to go skating and has been several times. He gets better every time he goes. He got to invite about 10 of his friends from school and baseball. He has some great friends with even better parents. I am so thankful that we are all friends. We spend a lot of time together watching our boys and it makes it so much more fun enjoying the company you are with.
 I think they all had a great time and for most of them, this was their first experience skating. It was quite comical and there were moments when I held my breath hoping that no one broke a leg or an ankle! There were some pretty ugly falls out on that floor but we made it with no injuries! 

That blur would be ME! haha...I haven't had on a pair of skates in about 20 years!! It was a little awkward at first but it slowly came back to me. So glad Braxton wasn't embarrassed of me...I guess that will come soon enough :(
 I LOVE this picture!! Mason, Tyler and Chapman...hanging on for dear life!!

  Cullen being entertained by his Papa! 
 Such a precious cake! Carol is so talented!
 Gifts and favors...I tried to make these tie dyed cookies that I found on pinterest...they did not look like the picture but they were still pretty cute. 

  Cullen, liking some ice cream!!
 Happy Birthday to you....
Make a wish...
 An electric scooter!! Yay (thanks Shea!! If it wasn't for riding your kids' scooters, he never would have known they existed!! lol)

So much fun skating with you at your party!! I hope you had the best time, even though you were sickly and did not feel well at all! You put on your party pants and skated through it! I love you more than you can ever imagine and I enjoy every.single.minute.with you! Happy Birthday Party Day to you :)

It's your Birthday...

Last week we celebrated Braxton's birthday with just us. It was nice and laid back. With it being on a Sunday he opted to have his party on the next weekend. 
He started off with some birthday pancakes and little serenading by me and Mason! Ha I am quite sure he wasn't impressed!
 Then when Dad got up (he worked the night before) he opened his presents from us. He always enjoys getting clothes...especially a long sleeved polo shirt!! (insert sarcasm)
 Can you see the grin??? He got a BB and pellet gun! Whoo hoo, watch out cows in the back field!!

Safety First!!

We completed the day with a trip to Jim-n-Nicks for ribs and Yazee yogurt bar for desert! All at the birthday boys request!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

8 Years already!!

Let's see, what was I doing this time 8 years ago? Oh yea...being forced into labor (for the very first time), put on a magnesium drip because of preeclampsia, contractions coming as fast as the dr. could make them, family and friends trickling in, nervous, anxious, in SOME discomfort, big as a beached whale...ending with a C-section of  a stubborn baby boy that did not want to come out. On this very day, 8 years ago,  I received one of the greatest blessing in life. I became a mommy for the very first time. I never dreamed I could love someone so much and how much my life would be forever changed! What a glorious day this is. We celebrate Braxton today. 

One of the greatest Docs...Dr. Alverson

Braxton, today you are 8 years old. I cannot believe how fast these years have gone. You are sensitive, sweet, stubborn as a mule, and opinionated. You are smart (of course you got that from me), athletic (from me as well...haha) and competitive, oh my are you competitive. You have some OCD issues and are very particular about certain things...unfortunately, this does not include keeping a tidy room!! But I love you still the same, no matter what! You are my first born, the one that taught me to follow my heart and burn every parenting book! You are the one who tells me you love me 16 times in the morning as I am driving out of the driveway for work and blow me kisses and ask how much longer it will be before we see each other again! I love that about you! Wherever your path will lead you in life, I will be two steps behind you. We have come along way, you and I and today I thank you for making me the mother I am! I love you so BIG!

Height-54 inches
Size- 8 slim pants. 9-10 shirt
Favorite things-under armour, Alabama football, playing outside with your brother and friends, xbox
Favorite Food-Cheese
Favorite Color-Crimson
Favorite sport-Football and baseball (you couldn't pick just one)
Where do you want to go to college? "Alabama"
What do you want to be when you grow up? "Well, I think I just want to work at Hyundai with daddy."
What is your most favorite thing to do? "playing sports"
What is your favorite thing to drink? Chocolate Milk
Happy 8th Birthday big boy! We Love You!!!