Thursday, October 27, 2011


The regular season has now come to an end and playoffs start this weekend. We will see how far our Prattville Lions can go! They are capable and have some really good players on their team, the coaches just need to get it together and lead them in the right direction. We are so proud of Braxton! It is really quite comical to watch him on the field "directing traffic" as we say. The coaches are lucky to have him, otherwise I don't know how some of those kids would know what to do. He literally grabs them by the helmet or shoulder pads and tells them where to stand and who to block or which direction to run. There is so much to learn and I think he has done a great job and caught on quickly to the game. He is getting a little tired now, his little body can only handle so much but he has hung in there like a champ. They have practiced 3 days a week (sometimes more) since July!! And the heat...oh my...we are just thankful for the latest cool spell we got! Hopefully it will stick around for the last game or games depending on how far we make it. We are looking forward to cheering on the Prattville Youth Lions! Love you #14 no matter what the outcome!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

7 months, first tooth, and sitting up

It has been a busy week for this little baby! Got his first tooth, that only took about 3 months to get.(it seems that way anyway) And finally has just about mastered the whole sitting up thing. He thinks he is something else getting to sit up with his brothers! Hopefully he will just enjoy sitting for awhile and have no desire to get anywhere...haha! It will all be over once he is mobil!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Laundry Basket

It's the new play-pin! At least to Mason...he had this grand idea to put Cullen in it and let him play. Cullen really liked it and stayed in there a long time. I got a lot done and he was just as happy as could be. Good thing he is easy going! Good idea Mason :)

2nd Grade Field Trip

I took off last week to go with Braxton on his field trip to Old Baker Farm. It was fabulous and so organized. Braxton was so excited just because our friends Ryan and Leah live on the farm and help out on the weekends, and Leah's parents run it/manage it. Braxton enjoyed the special attention from the Baker's while we were there and thought he was something getting to show everyone around. We love going out there and it is always a blast. My boys absolutely love the outdoors and the freedom to roam that they experience there. I am sure we will be making it back there soon.
Class picture
 Petting a baby chick
 Pickin cotton