Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family Project

Mason had his first family project to work on this week...don't ya just love those projects??? Anyway we did it, and it didn't take long, and was painless. The best part of it, Mason was soooo proud of it. I guess that is why we do it! There theme this month is apples, so he had to cover his apple in something. So we did the pom poms, red, brown and green. It turned out pretty cute, so now it is at his school, displayed on the bulletin board in the hall...and don't you know he lights up everytime he passes it!!!


Mason started a new preschool this year at FBC in Prattville. He is loving it!! In all of his 3.5 years on this earth that child has cried everywhere, everyday, everytime he was left anywhere!!!! BUT not here...I am so glad that he is having so much fun at his "big school". Now I just hope that he behaves and can learn to follow rules and keep his hands to himself!!! So far so good, but he WILL have difficulty in these areas! He is my fiesty one, but we love him so so so much and wouldn't trade him for anything.
First day, showing off his lunchbox
Giving Mom some good ole sugar!!

New Member of the Piper Family

I am so behind in the blogging world due to sickness and exhaustion from our new sweet bundle of joy that is due the first week of March. I do not remember it being this bad with the other two but Brian made me feel so much better saying "You are not as young as you were with the other two!!!" Really, he said that??!! But its true and maybe that is why this time seems much more difficult than the other two pregnancies. Hopefully it will pass soon! I have had two ultrasounds so far and it is amazing how much changes in 4 weeks. We are looking forward to finding out if this sweet thing is a boy or a girl either my September visit or October visit. I will definitley post that news.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Brian!

My boys think that you DO NOT have a birthday without a party!! So we had to celebrate daddy's birthday with a little party. Mason asked all day "When are all the peoples coming?" So the "peoples" came and we had a fish fry complete with cake and ice cream. It was a nice evening spent with family. Happy Birthday Brian, we hope you had a super day!!
Brian with the boys and his parents.

First Day of School

First day of first grade was a success! He says that he loves it, but that the school day is "soooo long"...I couldn't agree more. We are looking forward to his year with this wonderful lady, Mrs. Hodge. She comes highly recommended so we shall see. He seems to really like her and as long as they have a good connection, mom is happy! He had the week off from homework, being that it was the first week, but tomorrow they begin their reading series and the homework and tests begin.
Braxton and Mrs. Hodge
He hated the picture part, but we got a little grin out of him!!
We are so proud of you, Braxton, and we are looking forward to watching you grow and learn as a big first grader!