Saturday, November 17, 2012

Treasure Box

This week was a very sad week in our family. Brian lost his Paw Paw, someone whom was very special to him. He grew up with him right next door his whole life. He was such a sweet, sweet man, and my boys loved him and enjoyed being around him. I am so thankful that they were able to know him, love him, and spend lots of time with him, and have just a piece of what Brian felt for him. Mason had 1001 questions going into the visitation and we debated on letting him "see" PawPaw. He was very mature about it and tried to understand it all in his 5 year old brain. He touched him, he talked to him, he was very concerned for him being in that "treasure box". He doesn't understand it all, but what he did know was that his PawPaw was special and only special people get a treasure box!! How true it is and what a treasure he was to his family and we will miss him dearly!!

Sweating it out at one of Braxton's baseball games! (That's Mason)
One of my favorite pics!

At Cullen's baby dedication...Cullen is named after him :)
Christmas 2011

Cullen's first birthday

We have so many wonderful memories and a ton more pictures, which I am so very thankful for. We will look back on the them as the years go by and  remember how blessed we all were to have him in our lives!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Goodbye Tonsils!!!!

Braxton finally had his tonsils removed this week, after many years of having strep and tonsillitis it was definitely time!! I know he will not miss them. Although right about now he probably wishes he didn't have to go through all the pain to get rid of them. He has been a trooper and done much better than I thought he would. I know he must be hurting so bad but has not complained one time. He has been sleeping a lot and I think that is probably the best medicine. I am sure everyday will be better, I know he cannot wait to be back to his old self again...I know I can't wait for him to!

Love that smile...and we haven't seen it since this pic! Soon enough he will be back!
Poor thing was a mess trying to wake up, he was all over that bed trying to get comfortable. I was so happy when he finally settled down and went back to sleep!

Still resting...
We took this pic for Mason...he was wondering if he would have to  have a ride to the car!! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hmmm....I'm a bit of a slacker! Just been too busy with life I guess. There really hasn't been a whole lot going on other than the usual, baseball and school. That is really about it. The boys are doing really well in school and we just finished up baseball until spring starts up. (Although we won't be away from the field long,  Braxton will still practice some during the week)
Here are a few pics from "lately":
We went to six flags with our favorite traveling peeps. It was so much fun, it has been forever since I have been there. The kids had a blast, as they do wherever we go as long as the Ford's are with us!

Watching B pitch for the first time...not so fun for a mom!! It makes me too nervous, but he did fine and will continue to work on that through the winter.

We had some long days at the ball park, but these two did great. They just love being anywhere outside I think.

Dirtbags won their first was only their second tournament as a team. WOW! That's pretty awesome considering that this is everyone's first time in "big boy ball", as his coach calls it. Kid pitch is a totally different ball game. I think this is when you really start to see who can play ball! Cannot wait to watch these kids in the spring.

So proud of you, Braxton!!

AND here we are, already at Halloween! Love these 3 with all my heart and soul!