Sunday, March 28, 2010

Opening Day

This weekend was opening day of Spring baseball! What a beautiful day it was to be out with the family watching my favorite baseball player. The Vols won thier first game 13-3. All the boys did a fantastic job. Braxton went 2 for 2 with a triple and a homerun!! Way to start out the season Vols!
Mason and Braxton before the game

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sleeping late...

We will miss you but we will see you again soon! (In about 2 months)

Lions and Tigers and LOTS of PEOPLE!

The Birmingham Zoo was the place to be during Spring Break. I think everyone that was out of school was at the zoo. It made for a long exhausting day but was so much fun to be with sweet boys and girls and great friends!

Mackenzie, Braxton, Davis and Mason

In Kangaroo Country...where we briefly missplaced a "Joey"

Braxton feeding the birds

At the end of the day we let them play in the foam pit and splash pad.

Mason and Davis

Last stop...the playground

We had such a great time with these super people, can't wait to get together again!

How could I forget...

about this!! Who doesn't love spending lots of spring break time on a baseball field!! Braxton had several practice games this week and did great doing his job on first base and scoring runs. He has his first game on Saturday, I am sure I will post more!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break'n

We were out this week for Spring Break and it was so nice. The weather wasn't the greatest but we still enjoyed being away from the "schedule" for a week. On Monday we began our week in the Pediatricians office because Mason started running a fever Sunday morning. He of course had Strep, that seems to be popular at our house. He got some antibiotics and some for Braxton too, because I am sure it was only a matter of time before he had it as well! The rest of the week was spent relaxing, a few trips to Chick-fil-A, the YMCA and the Birmingham Zoo (It gets a post if its on!). We made the best of our time together...cannot wait for SUMMER!!!

The boys love the YMCA play is great for those days when you can't get outside!

Always up for a game of Basketball!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Making Pizza

The boys LOVE to help cook, and this is their favorite meal to make...really its the only thing, that I have found, that they can pretty much do unassisted. Who knew a little homemade pizza would be so much fun!

So serious, and you have to get your tongue just right Braxton!!

Mason cannot make anything without tasting it first!!

The finished product-YUMMY

Sunday, March 7, 2010

All about Braxton

Braxton is the "friend of the week" this week at school. We had to make a poster that was all about him and for the rest of the week he has to bring his favorite book, snack, game and toy. He really had a challenge only picking ONE favorite but he finally made a decision!! We had a great time looking back at all the old pictures and seeing how much he has changed in his 6 short years! Here were his picks for favorites:

Fav. snack, game, book, and toy

And here is his beautiful poster!!