Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Millbrook National All-Stars took the trophy last night! A well deserved undefeated team! We were at the ball park past midnight for two of the games so it has been an adjustment on everyone. I cannot imagine how the boys had enough energy to play well into the night. They are meshing well together and are so much fun to watch. I am so proud of each of them and especially my own. I have seen some of the "old" Braxton coming back...the pouting, crying, getting way down on himself, but he has managed to pull it together when it counts. I have been told he will grow out of this and I am hoping it is SOON! If he only knew how many complete strangers stop to tell me or Brian that he (Braxton) is a joy to watch, and that we have such a great ball player on our hands. Of course my first response is..."he gets it all from me"!! I am a proud Mama no matter what! 

Now on to district this weekend...hope they keep it up. They have some tough competition ahead of them! Way to go Millbrook Nationals, we love you #14!! You will always be our number 1! (well except when number 2 and number 3 play lol) Lord help me, I am not going to have any hair left!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

15 months

Today Cullen had his 15 month check-up. Considering it was right in the middle of his regular naptime,I thought he did wonderful. He cried for just a minute when he got his 2nd shot but that was it. The rest of the time he just talked and talked to the nurse and the doctor. Dr. Diebel said she just cannot believe how many words he is saying and she agreed that he is VERY loud! She assured me this is very normal with the third child...and that he was just perfect. Everything checked out fine and he scored above average on his little test they do now at this stage. We are so very thankful for our healthy boys, and for such a sweet and caring pediatrician who thinks my baby is the cutest baby she has ever seen...surely she doesn't tell everyone that??? bahahahaha I am sure that she does and that is totally okay, I just love that she takes so much time with my kids and makes them feel special while they are in her care. Happy 15 months sweet Cullen!

height: 33 inches (90%)
weight: 26.2 lbs (75%)
Head  Cir.: 18 3/4 (60%)
Diapers: size 5
Clothes: size 24 month
shoe: size 5
Favorite Foods: chicken, green beans, cheese puffs, grapes, blueberries
Sleeping: we are weening off the morning naps so you tend to nap 2-3 hours in the afternoon. Bedtime is usually around 7 (if we are home) and you get up around 8:30. 
Favorite Lovies: Paci and your little lambie that you must hold when you are sleepy. You carry that lamb around everywhere and half the time I cannot find it because you have layed it down somewhere. (We may need to invest in a few more for back-ups)

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Braxton made All-Stars again this year! He was so excited. He already knew what it was about from last year so he was well aware from the beginning what he needed to do to get there. He did it, and did it well. We are so proud of him and cannot wait to watch him play with this group of boys. They are pretty good together, hopefully they will go a long way! 
Braxton-All-Star 2012

Spring Baseball 2012

Our regular season has come and gone...it went by so fast. So thankful for the lessons learned during this season and I am sure there are many more to come. Braxton had a sweet, caring coach and he was very good with him. They were a great group of boys that came long way throughout the season. 

 Mason had a great time playing, although he would be just fine if he could just hit all day!! He has a lot of maturing to do, obviously, because he just turned 5! Sometimes that was forgotten in the heat of a game; that these boys were so young! He has thick skin and doesn't let a lot get to him, so he was completely fine with all the yelling and craziness that came with this season. So proud of him though and cannot wait to see him play more.

2012 Program and Awards Day

Mason had his end of the year program...and last program ever at FBC Prattville. I cannot believe my baby is going to Kindergarten. He has learned so much this year and we are so very proud of him. He did awesome in his program! My how he has changed since his first program there when he just looked around and didn't sing. He was full of energy and sang every word. Their theme was "around the world" and Mason's class was dressed as French Painters and sang a song in French! Didn't even know he was learning a song in another language...he never would tell me what they had been practicing!

I mean, how stinkin cute is he??? He loved the mustache! 

Mason and his bestest buddy, Jack. What a pair, those two!!
Cullen, right where he wants to be. He has his Papa wrapped around his finger! 

This is so Mason! Having a blast!

All together
Braxton had his awards program a few days later and it was the best school program that we have had yet. Mrs. Kristina Cook made sure it was well worth us working parents taking off work. She had a slide show of the kids from the first day of school all the way through. She took a ton of pics and I am so glad that I now have his entire 2nd grade year documented in so many ways (a cd, a journal, letters from every week, and even another book that had pictures of Braxton for every month). Amazing and I so appreciate it because I know how much time she must have put into each and every child. She is one of the best teachers I have ever known. We were so blessed to have had her this yea, and Braxton ADORES her! I wish she could go with him to 3rd grade...I am afraid that experience won't be as sweet :(!! Anyway he had a fantastic year and we are so proud of him.

He was voted the Most Athletic Boy! Surprised?? Nah! 

His competitive Nature took over with the AR points! He read and read and read! I think he ended with 98 books read and an average of 95 on all his test! That is AWESOME!! Not only did he read but he comprehended so I am super proud of that average! 

He also got the Math award and A/B honor roll. He had one B the whole year ...grrr, and the rest A's so we will take that for sure.

SOOOOO.....here we come Kindergarten and 3rd grade!! Whoo hoo!!