Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Dirtbags

So I am so far behind, and I have had the entire summer that I didn't blog about! I knew I needed to hit the highlights because tomorrow I will need to post "first day of school" pics!! I cannot believe our summer has come and always goes so fast!!
The Dirtbags have kept us pretty busy this summer. There haven't been a lot of weekend that Braxton or Mason wasn't playing ball. We spent a week at the beach for the World Series and I have one word for that...HOT!! Thank goodness we got a shower every now and then to cool off. One day was even rained out. Braxton had a good time hanging out with his friends and sharing this week with them.
The Dirtbags World Series 2013 (Orange Beach, Al)

Evan, Taylor and Braxton at the pin swapping

All Braxton's pins from the different teams. Some traveled a long time to play ball!!

Cullen, keeping us all busy 

 After we returned home we had several weeks off and his coach had them a party at his farm. Braxton and Mason had the best time, and I know if we had something like that we would never see them. They love the outdoors and this was right up their alley.

Ending the party with a little game of baseball...imagine that.