Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

What more could I ask for!!??!! Being with my little family was the perfect end to a wonderfully blessed year! 

Christmas Pictures

Friday, December 30, 2011


What a wonderful day we had! We started the 3 gifts this year...should have done it from the beginning, but went better than we expected and was so much easier (on us for sure). The boys had trouble even thinking of 3 things they wanted, that is a sure sign that you don't.need.a.thing!! 
Braxton was just beside himself  to get his new ipod touch! (also got and XBOX and guitar)
 Sweet Mason has always been pretty easy to please. He got a basketball game, race track, and a new baseball net. The boys got a new television for their room as a gift together. That was mighty sweet of Santa to give an extra gift to share :)
 Dustin left them a new pair of rain boots and some peppermint
 Mason's new track
 And Cullen...Well he slept right through his first Christmas. He sleeps way longer than the other two and we did not wake him...but he was just thrilled with his Christmas when he got up. Really he could have cared less he is just a happy, happy boy! He got a new VTECH toy that he is now using to help him perfect his walking skills. He also some kind of blow up panda (kinda like a punching bag but smaller), and a little noisemaker (drums). 
 Braxton and Daddy playing with the ipod
 Mason and Cullen torturing playing with Rhett (Ashley's dog).
 Cullen thought this was the longest day ever...he just wanted to get home to his bed and get a good nap. What sweet brothers!
 Still going strong, helping Nana pass out presents at her house.
 Waiting patiently for their turn to open
 Cullen wishes he had gotten a big barbie so he could brush her hair! He knew exactly what to do with that comb! 

 Mason opening a football...yes another football...we only have 500 of them but we always enjoy having a new one!
 Nice new shades Braxton!
Mason opening his new shades
 And the best gift is...Papa's homemade marshmallow guns!  
 They all got looked like it had snowed! So fun!! (Notice the marshmallow flying behind AG's head from Mason's gun)
 Cullen just wanted to figure out what all the fuss was about!!
 Mason enjoyed showing Cullen how his new toys worked.
 Isn't this a sight...Lucy right up there with Braxton watching him play his XBOX. (She stayed in that spot for about 2 hours) She was exhausted from all the festivities!

Monday, December 26, 2011

A little bit of Christmas

Playing in the yard enjoying the "summer like" temps

Pretending it's REALLY cold outside

Watching the traiin
Baking goodies for friends

Making Santa some delicious cookies

Getting ready to sing his little heart out

Beautiful little voices-FBC preschool program


 Dustin has come and gone, but not without stirring up trouble. He is so much fun and the boys LOVE him and are sad that he had to go back to the North Pole. I didn't get a picture of everything he did (bc it was so much) but here are a few things he got into.
Swinging from the lights with my scarf
Enjoying a little snack

Driving the tractor

playing with the cars

wearing Cullen's  diaper and pulled out all the wipes

reading to the stuffed animal (they loved this one)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011