Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All About Me....

AGAIN!! Must we have to do this project every single year??? And we cannot even use the same one because each teacher changes it up just enough to have to redo everything! Well this year Braxton and Mason have one due on the same day...Friday. So we got busy on them at the beginning of the week so we could get them turned in and out of the way. I really do not love a project, can you tell? Usually I end up doing it all...but this year I just let go of it (most of it) and let them do it.
Braxton had to do a banner. Decorating the front and back with anything he wanted to represent him and what he likes to do. He wanted to do a BAMA banner...shocker I know. He painted it, and taped his pictures and stickers on it. I glued a hounds tooth piece of paper to the edge and viola...DONE! He gets an actual grade for this so I can't wait to see what he gets. It is a good thing his teacher is a Bama fan :)
On the front of the banner he put a picture of his new baby brother and his best friend Mason, a picture of him playing baseball, an Alabama sticker, yoo-hoo label (his favorite drink), and skittles (favorite candy). He could have gone on and on all day but thank goodness the banner was not very big!! He has lots of things going on right now and has many, many favorites. He just chose a few!!
 On this side, A picture of Braxton at the beach, swimming with his friends, fishing, a football sticker and a picture of cheese (one of his favorite foods)
Mason had to decorate a paper bag and fill it with 6 items that tell about him. This was a little difficult being that Mason likes to do lots of things!! But he decided on his 6 and put them in the bag. Wish I could be there when he gets to share...should be quite interesting.

 He chose a picture of his brothers, one that he is wearing a baseball uniform in because he loves his brothers and he likes to play baseball. A ceramic "Lucy". A picture of a Honey Bun, because he loves them. A car because that is just about the only thing he plays with. Picture of a yoo-hoo...his favorite drink. And a piece of bubble gum...he is just his mama. Loves his bubble gum!
Good job boys!! I would definitely give you an A+!!

Mason has his first day

Mason had his first day of FBC Prattville Preschool Monday. He was not too excited about starting back but as of today he says he LOVES it. Of course I have the dreaded morning duty at school this week and have to leave before 7 so he was still sleeping when I left. Which meant that Daddy had to get him dressed and take pictures for me. Would you just look. at. that. hair!!!!!! Daddy is not so great in the hairstyling department but we are so thankful that he was able to take Mason on his first day. Hope your year is as fun as the first few days have been!! We love you :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet the teacher and First day

2nd grade has far so good, but then again it is only the second day! Really? Only the second day? Feels like its been months!! It is a little difficult getting back in the swing of things after the lazy summer we have had. I am so thankful that Brian is here with his bad knee to help this crazy lady out!! I am ready for a few weeks from now when we are all used to getting up and having a schedule! I am hoping Braxton has a wonderful year. He has a fabulous teacher that is so creative and fun! He loves her and really wanted to be in her class, so we are so excited that it all worked out!
Braxton sitting at his "Meet the teacher" day
 Braxton and his teacher, Mrs. Cook
Braxton, the first day of second grade! I cannot believe it!!
Have a super duper year Braxton! We love you!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's Your Birthday...

Today is Brian's birthday! I believe I have posted before that the boys are truely convinced that if it is your birthday then you get a party! Sooooo we try to do something for our birthdays around here. After all it is a special day...the day in which you entered this world is pretty exciting. Today we celebrated Brian with a cook-out with some family and a cake from Carol Pinkston(girl meets cakes)...I will have a party everyday just to have a piece (or two) of  her cake. LOVE them, and she has made several cakes for us...she is awesome. Brian's parents came as well as his sister and my parents came over for a cook-out! It was a great much fun as a birthday can be when you are 34. Happy Birthday's to many, many more!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


You will have to excuse the quality of these took them with her camera phone (she tried)! But I could not post about this because Braxton has BEGGED all summer to go skating and...well it has just been one thing after another, and we never made it there. I started back to work last week and my parents helped Brian out with the boys a lot...because they are thoughtful like that. Some days they had Cullen somedays Cullen and Mason and some days they had all three!! Granted they (my parents) were exhausted by the end of the week but the boys sure enjoyed it.
Anyway, Friday mom suprised the boys and took them to WonderWorld to skate! They had the best time with this new experience! Braxton is ready to go again. Mason picked it up right away, that kid amazes me with his coordination! And Braxton, well...he is a little more cautious and goes into things a little differently than Mason, but he eventually caught on as well. I can't wait to take them back, I really just want to see if I can still skate myself. Braxton has already planned his birthday will be at WonderWorld this year :) !

And they are off...
  We have one down...
 No worries....he is right back at it again!
  Getting better!
On a side note...I did not dress them this day! Obviously they picked out there own clothes! LOL Gotta love little boys!


Mason and Papa made the newspaper here in Millbrook (also they are on the Montgomery Advertiser website). My parents took them to the Youth fishing rodeo last weekend and they had a blast. They have made it a tradition now and look forward to going with Nana and Papa every year. Thank you for these wonderful experiences you give my boys! (Especially since I don't want to be anywhere near a catfish unless it is fried on my plate)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy 5 months!!

Happy 5 months sweet boy! I wish I could push the pause button and make this last as long as "I" want it to!! But that is not how it goes so we will just enjoy watching you grow! You are a little ray of sunshine in our family and you always greet others with a smile. I love the way you squeal and kick your legs when I pick you up, I love the way you pat my back when I hold you, I love the little sounds you make when you are drinking your bottle, I love watching you follow your Daddy as he moves around the room, I love hearing you "talk" to yourself, and  it makes my heart melt the way you light up when you see your brother's! They love you so much and run straight to you when they have been away for even a minute! You are so loved and we are so thankful for you!

5 month tidbits:
  • You are wearing size 6-9 months (12 mos in a few things)
  • Eating "real" food for breakfast and dinner...cereal, bananas, apples, prunes, carrots, squash, and peas
  • drinking 7 oz of formula every 3 hours
  • bedtime around 8:00 and you wake anywhere between 8 a.m and 9 a.m.( that will soon change when I go back to work...sorry)
  • size 2 diapers...but quickly growing out of them
  • picking up small toys and putting everything in your mouth!!!
  • you love to be outside, watching your brother's play, and riding on the golf cart every night around the neighborhood.
  • you  have rolled over lots but it has been random.
  • And you still do not  love your tummy time but at least you will last for a minute or two!