Monday, January 31, 2011

P is for Pizza and J is for Jump Rope

Mason is doing the letter "P" this week, so his class took a field trip to Ria's to make their own pizza! How fun is that...he loves when we make homemade pizza's at home and really enjoyed getting to do it at the real pizza restaurant. He loved seeing it go through the oven and what it looked like when it came out. At Braxton's school they learn different sports and activities every week or so and last week they started jump roping. Oh. My. Goodness. The child is obsessed with getting better and better at this skill. He was so frustrated that he didn't catch on the very first day they started it, and has made it his goal go be the best jump roper in his class. I don't know how he still walks around, his little legs have to be like jello. This morning I went out to put their bags in the car for school and he was already outside jump roping...then on the way home from school he couldn't get here fast enough to start practicing some more. He has gotten quite good, jump roping backwards, one footed, running, standing still etc. It would be nice if he would put some of that energy into being the best reader or the best mathematician...I don't think they have jump rope scholarships available do they??

35 week photo shoot and a brief hospital stay

Last week Braxton wanted to take some pictures, so I let him take the belly pics for the week. He was so into it and loved telling me and Mason what to do. I was so surprised that Mason played along, but he did and seemed to enjoy it!
First he wanted Mason to kiss the baby
Then he wanted to include Lucy...because she needed a picture with the baby too :)
Then he wanted him to touch the baby and talk to him...
So funny how when I try to take pics of them they act silly but then on this day when no one was dressed cute or hair fixed they wanted their pictures taken.
Maybe it was this fun photo shoot that made baby Cullen decide he wanted to make an early appearance...or maybe it is his lack of room to do somersaults in the womb...we don't really know what brought on Friday's party at the hospital but he sure gave this mama a little scare. We discovered after arrival that I was dehydrated, not sure how because I feel like I drink all day. Then the contractions came pretty regular. Kinda through me off because I did not go into labor with my other two but as we can already tell, this little baby is going to be different from his brothers. I was given medicine to stop the contractions and sent home with orders as little as possible. Not what I wanted to hear! But I will do whatever is needed to make sure this little one gets here safe and sound. Hopefully he will decide to stay in a little longer and who knows he may surprise us all and make it all the way to the end! We will just have to wait and see.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A little something different

An afternoon at the pool in January! I suprised the boys with a trip to the YMCA pool Saturday. I packed their swimsuits and pool bag and told them we had somewhere to go. When we pulled up they were so excited just to be there...thinking they were going to play in the gym. We went into the locker room and I told them they needed to change into their swimsuits. The look on their faces...they kept saying "wait what, we are doing what?" They had forgotten about the indoor pool! The boys loved it...and I did too. It gave us a change in scenery and it wore them out!! Now they will probably ask all the time to go since there memory has been refreshed!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

32 weeks

Belly at 32 weeks...i think I must be the biggest pregnant woman anyone has ever seen with all the looks and stares and comments people make! I might need to check to see if I hold the record for the biggest belly ever. I am going to try and enjoy these last few weeks of being pregnant though because it is my last, however the last trimester aches and pains have set in. The swollen ankles, hands and face along with the spreading nose is always so attractive! My back is on fire most of the time and I have a major waddle going on, but I WILL SURVIVE!! Been there twice before and made it, this time will be no different. I went to the dr. this week and he said everything looked great, baby is measuring about a week and a half ahead as of now but that comes as no surprise. If he is anything like his brothers he will be on the large side! He said to start slowing down...haha...really, slow down with 2 boys, a husband, a dog, and a full time job??? We will have to see how that goes. Weight, and blood pressure were good and soon we will be setting a date to meet this big boy! There is still so much to do and our time is running out...and I am still hoping for that burst of energy to get me through the end and get it all done~

The best birthday ever!!

Braxton celebrated his 7th birthday Saturday at Pump It Up. He said it was the best birthday ever. And I would have to agree. He had such a good mixture of friends... school friends, baseball friends, neighborhood friends, friends from far away places and family members all came to be with him on his special day. They all had a blast, and it was so nice not to have to clean, cook or entertain! We took the easy way out this year and it was great!! Happy Birthday my sweet first born son...the very one that made me a mommy!!! Love you so much!!!!

Some stats and favorites: (for me to remember)
Height : 4ft 3in
Weight : 60lbs
Clothing size: 8 slim pants, 8 or 9 shirt
Shoe : 2.5
Favorite foods: Mac and Cheese (but it has to be the microwave kind that is in it's own bowl) Seriously you won't eat it if its not! Tacos, and milkshakes
Favorite drink(s): Yoo Hoo and root beer
Favorite sport: Football
Favorite thing about school: P.E. hahahaha....shocker!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Making Progress

We have managed to make a little progress in the nursery, not much but it is coming along. Brian and the boys got the bed put together, and the boys loved being able to help Daddy! They were so excited about getting it ready for their baby! While the boys were busy doing the bed, I went through one of the many tubs of baby clothes, sheets, towels, blankets etc. I weeded through them throwing out some that were not even close to being salvaged. They have been through 2 boys and 1 of those had some major reflux issues, so some of the things were pretty gross looking. It was fun looking at those teeny tiny onesies and sleepers that my other two boys wore and remembering them when they were so small. Some of the clothes looked like they would probably fit baby Piper now! I think I will be getting rid of many more things when he arrives and we see just how big he is.

So much more to do to get ready for him...hope he likes it where he is right now and doesn't decide to come too early!

Training wheel free

Mason has been asking for the last month to take his training wheels off his bike...I tried to convince him that he still needed them on for a little while longer. He spent the day with is Papa on Monday and he didn't need any convincing, he took them off and Mason took off riding and didn't stop!! He is such a fast learner at everything physical, and he owes it all to having an older brother! He wants to do EVERYTHING Braxton does and will try anything. I am thinking he will be quite the athlete...he keeps me on my toes that's for sure. He just amazes me with his physical abilities and scares the heck out of me at the same time! He will cause this Mama many stomach ulcers in the future I am sure!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cullen Thomas Piper

Already such a stubborn little booger...he did not want his picture taken either day that we went to have this ultrasound done. I drank a coke, ate something sweet, and still he wouldn't budge! His face was pushed up against the placenta and he was just as content as could be. The tech finally got him to turn a little after about 25 minutes of pushing and turning me from one side to the next. He has the chubbiest face! We saw his feet...and the tech said wow he has some long toes...wonder where he gets that??? He weighs about 4 lbs now and measured a week ahead so far. It is looking like another big baby for us! He may suprise us and come a little early though so we will have to wait and see. Only about 7 or 8 weeks now. The countdown is on!!!