Monday, February 27, 2012

Should I be so sad???

Last container of formula was bought yesterday and I teared up when I put it on the counter at Wal-Mart...Uhmmm...what in the world is going on here??? Brian is ecstatic, and has been counting down the days until our last purchase of formula. He is loving the fact of our grocery bill being at least $50 less a week, and I just cannot get past the thought of NEVER EVER buying formula again...never, ever again :( . My baby is growing way too fast! I mentioned to Brian about maybe just adopting now since I cannot have anymore and well...I won't tell you his exact words but he was not. at. all. into it! lol. So I guess I will have to settle for more nieces and/or nephews to satisfy my urge for more babies! Hint!Hint!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Haircut

So I did not get a pic at the salon because I was holding him and trying to keep him distracted. This is the best I could do...the after, at home. He really did pretty well for his first time getting it cut. He so needed a little trim, it was hanging over his ears and all in his eyes. Looks much better now! I could just eat him sweet!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bye, Bye adenoids, Hello tubes x2

We had an eventful day yesterday with two of our babies. We made the trip to Birmingham at 4:30 a.m. with one very nervous 4 year old and a very sleepy 11 month old. I have to say it went much better than I could have imagined...neither one uttered a word or a wimper the whole way there. In fact Cullen slept most of the way. When we arrived they took us right back to our own little hospital room.
These sweet pups were waiting on the bed for them when we went in...Mason took his with him back to surgery!
They had plenty of stuff to do to keep them busy while we waited...
playing in the playroom.
Just about ready for Cullen to go back. Another picture for Mama :) 
 And Cullen waking from his surgery...a little cranky for about 20 minutes but after that he was up playing, and checking out all the other kids waiting for their turn. They took Mason back while Cullen was in recovery and he went with the nurse without missing a beat. (again, not at all like I thought it would be) 
  And before we knew it, he was back in our room, snoozing away. 
 The first thing he said when he started to wake was "Where are my pants?" Haha, he is such his mother's child. I would be asking that too if I went in with pants and came out naked!! 
  They both did great, and I am so so glad it is all over. They slept the entire way home, and then some more after we got home. AND THEN...they were back in full force! Nothing ever keeps them down long!!