Sunday, September 30, 2012

18 months

How has it been 18 months?? It has gone by so fast with this one...and I want him to slow down!! 
Brian took Cullen for his 18 mos check up a couple of weeks ago (yes I am just now getting this done). He is continuing to grow and mature as he should, hitting all the development milestones without any problems. Thank the good Lord for giving us such healthy children! We are so thankful!
His teacher says that he is leaps and bounds above those in his class, and we are well aware that is because he has older brothers. He talks all the time...only a word here and there that we can recognize but he repeats everything that we say so clear. I am amazed everyday at how much he picks up! 

18 month stats:
Height: 34 1/2 inches
Weight: 28lbs
Favorite Foods: Muffins, marshmallows, chicken, weenies, french fries, green beans. You are now at the big table, you refuse to sit in your highchair anymore :(
Favorite toys: anything outside, anything you can push, and you are kinda getting into trucks and tractors
Words you say all the time: bird, Braxton, Mae-Mae, Mama, ouch, ride, side (outside), bana,(banana) mil-mil (Milk), wawer (water), ball, papi, lambie, bear, I could really go on and on. You say so much these days it is hard to keep up with. 
Clothing size: 24 months-2T 
Shoe: You still do not wear shoes much but you are a size 6.

You are very friendly and always speak to people. You are not much of a stroller rider anymore, which is a very busy time at the ball park for those chasing after you!! You can pitch a very good little temper tantrum and are pretty quick to pick up and throw the first thing you see. On the other hand, can be super sweet and loving. You don't go anywhere without lambie and you have recently started having to have a certain teddy bear with you at bedtime. We love to snuggle with you on the rare occasion that you are still and let us. You are very curious and stay busy 24-7! What a joy you are to be around!! We love you so...Happy 18 months CTP!

Monday, September 17, 2012


That would be the name of Braxton's travel ball team. Yes, travel ball, what I said we would never do! We have turned it down for several years and did not think twice about it. After last season we realized, that may be  the route we needed to go. We were approached during All-Stars by a coach that had been watching him and he wanted Braxton bad. He was starting a new team, new players, everything new...except the name bc they do have older Dirtbag teams. He talked with us and was willing to work with us through everything. We really debated this for a while and let Braxton decide what he wanted to do. He said 100 % this is what he wanted. So here we steps...into the world of travel ball. The fall is a good time to ease in. We will see how Braxton adjust and go from there. So far, he loves it. Kid pitch is a big adjustment and it will take some time but he has great potential, and we are so glad that such a good man/coach saw something in him. We are looking forward to this new chapter and I hope that we made the right decision. 

First Travel Tournament