Friday, May 31, 2013


What we thought was a stomach bug ended up with a trip to the hospital to have an emergency surgery to remove Mason's appendix. WOW what a day! Bless his heart he was such a big boy and hardly cried a bit. He felt so bad and by the end of the day could barely walk it hurt so bad. We are so thankful our sweet friend and nurse practitioner was overly cautious and sent him to have a CT scan. It could have been much worse had we just waited. We are thankful for the kind surgeon that took such great care of him. We are thankful for all the prayers, calls, texts, and visits. He is doing well now and back to his "old self". I took pictures throughout and he loves to look back at them (bc he doesn't remember much from the day).

So sick...and such a trooper.  Waiting patiently to get that nasty appendix out.

Right before going back...he would have taken my hand with him if he could have!  He wanted  Brian and I close by at all times!!

Getting some good rest!

Dalton came bringing gifts from the 9U Dirtbags and  13U Dirtbags.  His younger brother Brody is on the team with Braxton. Mason loves Dalton and it made his day to see him and to get a hat like the "big boys". 

Walking the was actually nice to get out of that room!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Dearest Mason,
     You are now a big 6 year old...where has the time gone?? You bring so much excitement to our home. You are so full of energy all the time, you never stop because if you do you are asleep in about 30 seconds. You have a smile that melts my heart,  and I love how you still sit in my lap and love on me. I have so enjoyed this year with you, being at the same school was such a wonderful experience and I will miss seeing you light up when we pass in the hallway and your trips down to my room just to get a hug. You let me kiss all over you in front of everyone and it doesn't bother you one bit! You have turned out to be quit the student this year...serves me right for doubting you!! We are so proud of you and we are enjoying seeing the changes in you. We love you so
6 year stats
height: 47 inches
weight: 63lbs
Shoe Size:
Clothes: 7-8
Favorite Foods: Yoohoo, honey buns, gummies. You still have to have chocolate milk before your eyes are even fully open. First words out of your mouth...Can I have my chocolate milk?
Activities: Playing outside is about all you do, if it is raining you will occasionally sit and play your ipod but that is about all you do. You love to play with our neighbors and with Braxton. You are such a good little athlete.
Some pics from your 6th birthday party at Wonder World...

Sweet friends...Deon, and Sam

Even Cullen wanted to give skating a try

Mason's cake, that Cullen got into before the party!!!!!!!!!! Poked his finger all in it and ate part of the skate off top!

You were so excited about getting your hermit crab from Nana and Papa