Friday, April 30, 2010

Who likes school pictures???

Not me...usually... but I could not resist this big smile!! There have only been a couple of school pictures that I have liked between the two boys, and they have had many. Every time I turn around they are taking more pictures. I would have spent more time picking out the "perfect outfit" (other than the quick 5 minutes before we ran out the door to school/work) had I known that he was going to enjoy his session so!!! I was shocked that he actually smiled and posed for the photographers. So we did like Mason's pictures...this time!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Team Pictures/Gameday

Braxton had his team pictures on Saturday before the game. They have all done an awesome job this year. The boys have won every game so far!! Braxton is hitting the ball hard and doing a great job on 1st base. We are so proud of all of them. Go VOLS!

Braxton is on the top right (between 2 coaches). They are just the cutest little team :)

Nothing sweeter than this...Mason has a baseball buddy and his name is Papa!

Wind Creek State Park

We were out of school Friday so we decided to pack up the bikes, swimsuits, and fishing poles and head to WindCreek for the day. The boys had a blast and enjoyed it all. Mason did a great job keeping up and even made it up most of the hills without having to get off and push his bike. I know his little legs had to be so tired but he was a trooper. Braxton could ride all day long and never take a break, he loves to ride his bike.

Mason got to wear his new helmet and ride his new bike...he was so excited!
I don't know what happened with my camera but this is the only one that I have both of them together on their bikes.
After a nice bike ride we parked the bikes and had a picnic lunch and the boys swam in this nasty water for a while!! Mom decided to sit this one out and Braxton wasn't too sure about it at first!!

Then time for another ride...

Next! They were checking out our bait!

Braxton fishing...he doesnt have the patience for that yet! He wanted to catch one so bad and actually saw a few eat the bait off his hook before he could yank them out! Maybe next time Braxton!

Enjoying some time in the shade before heading back.

We didn't even get down the road 2 miles before this one was OUT!

What a beautiful day we had off to spend together. We will definitely be going back real soon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Looking back

Since it was Mason's birthday weekend, I wanted to post some of my favorites over the past three years. Believe me there are WAY more but the blog would be at full capacity with just one post so I just chose a few!

I cannot believe it has been 3 years since this day! Braxton was so excited to finally meet his little brother!
This is the day we came home from the hospital. (Nana made the gown)
First taste of real food...still loves to eat!! (4 months)
I just love this pic!

A little photo shoot in the backyard! Nana made this gown too.

Ahh the beach...and it was so cold this day! (7 months)

A little fun at Sturdivant Hall

Look at that sweet face!

This is so Mason...some cleats, a helmet and a mower.

Little Coppertone baby!

Another day at the beach.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gumball Machine Party!!

Since Mason could eat his weight in bubble gum, I decided a while back that it would be the perfect "theme" for his birthday! So I ordered the gumball invitations, got my friend Shea to make his gumball machine t-shirt, borrowed a real gumball machine from another friend and here we are...the party day. We, I mean Brian, cooked out hamburgers and hotdogs, the kids enjoyed jumping in the inflatable and playing on the swing-set. It was beautiful weather and we all enjoyed hanging out with our family, friends and neighbors.

Chris, Amanda, Dad, and Braxton enjoying some burgers

The was delicious!

These two have the best time with thier Papa

Avery Grace (my neice) and Mason

Opening his gifts...always so much fun!

He got a new bike helmet to go with his new bike from Nana and Papa

Time for cake!!
The party gumball cute!

He is trying out his new batting gloves (from our neighbor friends) and his new bat (from Mimi and Papa)

Happy Birthday Leroy!

For some reason Braxton has called Mason Leroy for as long as I can remember. Of all names to call him...Leroy, really?? But it's quite humerous now especially when we are in public places and Braxton says "come on Leroy" should see the looks they get, and then we get! Hopefully he won't be damaged from it, I know it could be worse! But we love this little Leroy and we are blessed beyond words to have this precious child! He is such a joy, and always keeps us laughing and definitely on our toes AT ALL TIMES! He gives the sweetest sugar and loves to be everywhere his brother is, that is his best friend and hopefully they will stay that way forever. He is full of energy and strong as an ox but does not think twice about getting in your lap and saying "I love you so much!" We know that we will have some interesting and challenging years ahead with this kid...but we cannot wait to see how he changes and what he will become! We love you Mason!

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a fantastic Easter weekend with the family. The boys enjoyed hunting Easter eggs over and over and over, and loved spending time with their cousin Avery Grace. They don't get to see her much, and she may appreciate that one day!!! They tend to forget that she is a GIRL! But they did have so much fun together and I loved hearing them laugh... at nothing, and listening to some of their silly conversations.

Avery Grace, Braxton, and Mason at our church egg hunt
Braxton, riding the pony
The boys decorating thier cookies

Easter morning...some goodies for their baskets!

Mason and Braxton

Mason, Avery Grace and Braxton
Dad, and his boys!

The best Nana and Papa ever!!

Chris and I with Mom and Dad (and the kids of course)