Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Great Week in Preschool!! And a stolen statement!

This is brag on your children week right?? haha It seems that way today with my posts. I was reading another blog the other day and she had a statement on hers about how her blog is meant to capture the good the great and the even better times. And how the 'other' days...the ones not so good, we soon forget which means they find no place on her blog. I love this and couldn't agree more, so this is what I want our blog to be about...the BEST of us and what WE choose to remember. With that being said...We are so proud of this little guy and his accomplishment last week!!!

Look...everyday last week with smiley's! Not only are we proud but he is too! He is learning what he needs to do and not do to get those green smiley faces and he is just grinning from ear to ear everyday he gets one. Keep it up Mason!! More to brag about later with Braxton and his school work!

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's that time again!!

Fall Ball is in full swing! I really like fall ball because it is so laid back and the boys get some really good practice for spring. Big boy has moved up to the next level, which means: BIG field, hard ball, and faster pitch. He is adjusting so well. We had our doubts and were worried he would get discouraged but he has proven himself as a hitter and as a fielder. He is still on first base and hopefully one day he will get some experience in other areas...but for now, first base is where he shines! I hope he continues to enjoy it because I enjoy watching him even with ALL his crazy facial expressions!!!
He is looking at Brian...who is trying to give him some advice...Braxton really isn't interested. Haha
Did he catch it???
Yes he did!!...OUT!

Just a side note: I find it interesting that his team colors since he began playing ball have been orange(including this time)...and one time they were blue!!! He may be an Auburn Tiger yet! I can hope right???

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Because this is the last one...

baby that is!! I hope to post a few as the months go by being that I do not really have many preggo shots from the other two babes. I hate pictures especially when I am pregnant but this is just so I can remember 20 years from now. Was it this big last time at 17 weeks??? I think not but oh well, it is now :) We go in a few weeks to find out if it's boy or girl. I am SURE it is a boy and even my Dr. is sure that it is a boy but we will see. We don't care as long as it is healthy (but Brian has expressed some desire for a girl )!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Potty Celebration

Mason, Mason, Mason...what a challenge you have been to potty train! You refused to 'poop' on the potty for several months now and FINALLY you did it. Thank goodness!!!! It seems that you have gotten past your fear. I believe, for whatever reason, you truely were afraid of going on the toilet. You had me in tears as you wrapped your arms around my neck sqeezing as tight as you could. I felt your little body shake in fear, your eyes got as big as saucers and your precious voice was quivering. It was then that I realized that you really had a fear of going to the bathroom and this "Mom of the year" (sarcasm) had punished you and spanked you for something that you couldn't help. I am sure that I only made this worse for you! Lesson learned!

This is such a celebration and we are so glad that this too has passed!! YAY Mason!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun in the Sun

We planned a last minute trip to Orange Beach for Labor Day weekend, and it was fantastic. Mom and Dad went, along with Chris and his family. The weather was perfect and we all had a fun, relaxing time together.
The boys getting ready for a little football
Avery Grace

Braxton catching some fish
building sandcastles
The boys did this for hours...just let the waves knock them over again and again and again....
...and again
more football in the pool
Night time crab hunts
looking hard
We also saw sharks in the water on Sunday...and they were so close to the shore. One swam right by Brian and the boys when they were out on the sand-bar. The water was so clear, thank goodness or we may not have known they were out there.
We are already looking forward to our next long weekend trip, in October.